Welcome to Alstam LLC


Alstam, located in Burlington, Vermont, USA designs and manufactures duct burners.  
Al Davis, the founder of Alstam has more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of duct burners.  Starting with a 15-1/2 year career at Coen Co Al helped developed many of the early innovations of duct burner designs.  Among these were extended wings, air augmented duct firing, fresh air firing etc. Leaving Coen in 1982, Al started Davis Combustion Systems Inc.  Davis Combustion Systems over the next 13-1/2 years built more than 100 duct burners.  During this time a number of new innovative designs were developed. Among these was the branched element assembly which allowed increasing a burner's heat release without having to go a more expensive multiple element design. 
In 1995, the Davis Combustion technology was sold to Forney corporation.  after 5 years at Forney, supporting the transfer of the technology and the marketing of the now Forney Duct Burner, Al left and founded Alstam.
Alstam was originally found in 2002 as a sales representative and consulting firm. In 2008, Alstam developed a duct burner design for Hamworthy Peabody Combustion.  When Hamworthy Combustion was acquired by the John Zink Company(Koch Industries), In 2012, Alstam developed a new duct burner stabilizer design and began offering an alternative to the existing duct burner manufacturers. In 2014 Alstam was incorporated as Alstam LLC.
Alstam's goal is to continue to be a leader in the development of Duct Burner Technology.  The latest development is the HC or High Capacity Stabilizer.  This new stabilizer has a heat release of 6 million Btu/hr/foot, HHV versus the previous industry standard of 3 million Btu/hr.foot.  The higher heat release results in a reduction in the number of elements without sacrificing any other performance parameters.  The new design is ideally suited for applications of high temperature and/or fresh air firing.
Alstam bring a collective experience has involved more than 500 duct burner projects worldwide.